Corporate Finance

The world of finance can be daunting replete with its intricrate concepts, evolving regulations and ever transforming market dynamics. Corporate Finance plays vital role in the backdrop of such a scenario. It encompasses a wide spectrum of activities aimed at maximising business value. It navigates the way of businesses towards enhancement and improvement of its financial health.

"Corporate Finance encompasses the strategies, tools and structures that enable Corporations to grow from Startups to Large and Powerful Enterprises"

- Investopedia -

Corporate Finance operations are concerned with the raising and administrating of funds utilized in business. It deals with the financial decisions which have impact on overall health of the business entity.

Corporate finance seeks to make efficient Business decisions to create positive financial outcome.

Corporate finance includes various business responsibilities like:

  • Maximizing wealth creation.
  • Business expansion through sustainable methods.
  • Prepare a budget for the expenses and allocate the funds in different projects to generate profit margins.
  • Regular analysis of market to monitor changes in business trends for implementation.
  • Making decisions about raising capital through reliable and effective sources.
  • Analysis of various investment options.
  • Effective decision making for the expansion and diversification to attend growth trajectory.
  • Capital budgeting for investing in projects.
  • Capital financing to decide mode of funding for the project.
  • Working capital management for efficient management of sssets and liabilities.

To maximize the value of business through planning and implementation of resources while balancing risk and profitability.


"Beware of little expenses. Small leak will sink a great ship"

- Bengamin Franklin

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