Business Coaching

Elevate Your Business To Next Level

Finance & Account Outsourcing

Leverage our skill, Specialised experience for
solid Deliverables

Virtual CFO

Replace Full-time CFO at A Fraction of the cost

GST Implementation and Advisory

A Paradigm Shift in inDirect Taxation

Compliance Services

To Ensure Sound Sleep for you

Loan Verification Services

mitigate risks for banks and Financial Institutions

Business Health Check

Analyse your problems and deliver solution -
Prognosis and Diagnosis

Corporate Finance

maximise your Business Value

Real Estate Advisory

translate your home dream into reality


Holistique Business Consulting Pvt. Ltd. acts as a profit catalyst to business of any size and dimensions. It lays out pathway to - Profit, Progress and Prosperity of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

Holistique package of services is essentially designed to help you bring transformation in your business. This will
help you resolve your most pressing issues and enjoy a sound sleep at night!!


Virtual CFO - Chief Finance Officer - replaces the services of CFO at a fraction of the cost. It stands as a viable option available to businesses of all sizes - Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Startups, SMEs, Large Corporates and their Subsidiaries as also Joint Ventures.


Holistique offers remedial solutions to assist you in reducing operating costs, boosting profit growth and ensuring compliance within the regulatory framework. It places you in the total comfort zone and enhances ROI year-on-year.


A complete Game-Changer GST legislation marks a paradigm shift in Indirect Taxation structure of India. GST has dismantled inter-state tax barriers. The regime that subsisted prior to the advent of GST suffered from a farrago of taxes at all levels- Central, State and local area taxes and levies. Assisting smooth implementation and advising solutions in core problem areas constitute basis of our strategy.


A plethora of Rules and Regulations constitute an essential ingredient of India's ecosystem. It is in the national interest for every entity- be it individual, company or organisation to ensure strict compliance within the Regulatory Framework. Ensuring compliance warrants professional skill, knowledge, qualifications, experience and expertise. Holistique Package of Compliance Services takes the worries of compliance on its own shoulders on your behalf. This is to ensure sound sleep for you!

Loan Verification Service

Loan Verification Service entails the process of validation of all details about an applicant which cover eligibility criteria, documents provided, repayment capacity, CBILL score and so on. Our representative visits either your residence or place of work to verify such relevant details as specified by banks or financial institution.

Business Health Check

Business Health Check involves a current, comprehensive and holistic assessment of the key components which primarily go into building up of the business. It provides an assessment of financial performance and stability of business, compliance risk, appropriateness of structure and operational functions together with the processes.


We translate your Home Dream into Reality. We specialize in all facets of Real Estate, whether, it be, navigating the way for First Timers or helping in Luxury Market. Avail of our solid and rich experience to derive the sense of satisfaction of owning a House.
  • Clarity of Focus with the ability to prioritize the right things at the right time.
  • Speed of analysis with assimilation power.
  • Confidence of recommendation of right analysis based on right data.

Business Owners, more often than not, find themselves at cross-roads. Survival, growth and timely adaptation to emerging scenarios - pose perennial challenge to them.

Despite being fully conscious of ways and means to flourish in Business, they are not able to assimilate key vitals for beating their competitors.Hence, it would be in order to bring to light 5 Powerful Strategies to Beat Business Competition while remaining confined to emerging scenario.


Munish Rao

MR Enterprises

Thanks to One-to-One Business Coaching by Chanakya Shah, Managing Director of “Holistique Business Consulting”, I have been able to explore and expand business vistas. A well-structured Business Coaching Program offered by them has created in me confidence and ability to confront any commercial problem head on. This has been a great value addition to my professional career.

Tushar Kohli

Head Projects
Sun Group Enterprises

By virtue of analytical ability, trustworthy services in time and customized solutions, Holistique has carved out a special space in Business Consulting. Support in Finance and Accounts Outsourcing has substantially served business aspirations of Start-ups, SMEs and Mid-Size Companies. Group Business Coaching conducted by Holistique helps to achieve profit progression at affordable cost.

Avanish Jain


Holistique Business Consulting excels at timely delivery of its multiple services, be it – Accounting, GST implementation and various compliances for Tax purposes. Holistique MD Chanakya Shah has impeccable analytical ability to discover - out-of-box solutions in the realm of Business Consulting. We have reaped immense benefits by pro-active efforts of Holistique and its dedicated team of professionals.

Sanjay Suneja

Managing Director

The Sales in my company had stagnated for the last 2 years. Our Team was not aligned to the systems created by us. Hence, the system failed to deliver efficiency. Thereupon, I engaged Coaching Services of Business Coach Chanakya Shah to investigate and offer the remedial solution. Chanakya Shah identified 3 areas of concern which needed to be addressed - Sales, Team Work and Systems Operation. Thanks to strategy of New Sales Engine recommended by Chanakya, we have started growing our sales. Chanakya worked on the mindset of our team which resulted in securing its total alignment to the company goals. An efficient system has also been put in place in the company by the staff members themselves which has started yielding the desired results.

Santosh Kumar Jha

Finance & Accounts

Business Coach Chanakya Shah could convince us substantially regarding the benefit of organizational systems. Now I am in a position to control the functioning of my department. I have also succeeded in strengthing internal control in the company. I do not have to chase my team members to ensure timely compliance. Indeed, the advice of Chanakya Ji has proved quite invaluable!

Anup Verma

National Sales

The sales were not growing in our company.Our team was busy multitasking.It displayed reluctance to sell high value products. Based on Coaching inputs as given to us by Finance and Business Coach Chanakya Shah, our team was able to identify the bottlenecks. Allotment of work started based on principle of division of labor Our team has started selling even the premium products. Kudos to insights of Chanakya ji.


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