Business Health Check

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs regardless of their size, tend to concentrate their efforts more on customers, suppliers and the staff. In the process, business fails to attend its optimum heights. Consequently, it warrants Business Health Check on a regular basis. It involves SWOT Analysis of business. A well - conceived and crafted Business Health Check Plan proceeds with twin objectives of Prognosis and Diagnosis. While Prognosis involves analysis and identification of problems, Diagnosis entails solution to the problem. A healthy business is quite vital to the growth and prosperity of all its stake holders.

"If you Focus on RESULTS, you will Never Change,
If you Focus on CHANGE, you will get Results"

Jack Dixon

Holistique has created Business Health Check Assessment Tool for the benefit of Business Owners.

Various Features of Business Health Check Assessment Tool are:

  • Operational Highlights
  • Framework
  • Benefits
  • Components
  • Automates the business consulting process.
  • In less than 100 minutes, gives a clear picture where your business stands.
  • Questions inserted in the Tool enables navigation to the core of your business.
  • A detailed PDF is generated once all the questions are answered.
  • PDF covers:
    • Findings
    • Recommendations to remove bottlenecks
    • Highlight of growth accelerators
  • Each section is individually scored. 
  • Questions posed are broken into 26 logical Sections.
  • Each section has a total score of 100.
  • As the Report is lengthy, for the desired results, it is advisable to take 1 Area at a time and start implementing the suggestions. 
  • Here, to start, you may adopt either of the two methods.

+ Start from the Area which has the lowest score. 

+ Or the Area which you feel would give the most beneficial results.

We recommend the following steps to facilitate you to take the maximum advantage of the Report.

  • Establish your growth ambitions and vision with a timeline of 1 to 5 years depending on what is best suited to your type of business.
  • Determine your metrics to measure success.
  • Create a plan keeping in mind the result of this Report. 

3 Colours - GREEN, ORANGE and RED are used to highlight the Scores.

+ Green Colour signifies that this particular business area is working satisfactorily or better than expected. Hence, no immediate remedial action is required in this particular business function.

 If you feel these are your strengths you may further work on to achieve faster business growth. 

+ Orange Colour signifies that this particular business Area is not working as it should and that some form of further analysis and remedial action is required.

+ Red Colour signifies that this particular business Area is in crisis. Hence, you need to take immediate action to address a serious problem within this business function. 

Such areas could be responsible for slowing down the pace of growth. 

In case they are critical to the business, they could be responsible for derailing it totally ignoring other areas of strength. 


We would highly recommend a quick corrective action on all such areas.


  • Analyse business across 26 core performance areas.
  • Instantly identify your business strengths and weaknesses.
  • Uses 3 colour codes to highlight :
    • What needs to be addressed first
    • What can be left until later
    • What is working just fine
  • Gives you direct feedback on your business performance.
  • Gives you suggestions on how to improve performance.
  • Provides you with a framework for proper and effective functioning of your business.
  • Works like an excellent management consultant but at a fraction of the time and cost.
  • Delivers a detailed report to you.
  • Ensures that the report is unique to your business.

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