Operational Philosophy of Holistique Articulated in Canons of 3 Cs

  • 1. Commitment.
  • 2. Customer Orientation.
  • 3. Customer Satisfaction.

Holistique Business Consulting Pvt. Ltd. acts as a profit catalyst to business of any size and dimensions. It lays out pathway to 3Ps - Profit, Progress and Prosperity of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.
We do recognize uniqueness of each type of business - be it, small or big. Holistique, therefore, devises customized solutions to aid business achieve revenue growth and gain cost-effective advantage. Our strategies are formulated in backdrop of fast changing dynamics of global business and concomitant competition and challenges.

Holistique enjoys patronage of diverse clientele of all Sizes, Sectors and Structure – Startups, SMES and Big Corporates.

Holistique works under stewardship of accomplished Chartered Accountant – Chanakya Shah (Fellow of Institute of Chartered Accountants). It commands expert and skilled team of professionals from Business Management, Marketing and Economics. Holistique has created a state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure high-quality deliverables to the clients.

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