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Pain Points  Solutions Provided by the Tool
📊 Inadequate Overview of Business Operations Provides a comprehensive analysis across 26 key areas,  ensuring a full understanding of all business aspects.
🔍 Identifying Areas Needing Immediate Attention Swiftly highlights strengths and areas for improvement, allowing for focused and efficient resource allocation.
🧠 Data Overload Transforms complex data into clear, actionable steps with an easy-to-understand 3-Color Coding System.
💰 High Cost of Business Consultants Offers expert-level insights and guidance at a fraction of the cost and time, making high-quality advice more accessible.
🔄 Slow Adaptation to Market Changes Delivers fast, flexible business analysis to keep pace with rapid market changes.
🚀 Unclear Strategy for Business Expansion Provides a detailed action plan tailored to the business's unique challenges and opportunities for growth.

Meet Holistique 360° Assessment Tool for Business Growth
A tool that’s set to revolutionise the way you plan and grow your business.

  • 🔍 Insightful Analysis: Understand your business inside out in just 100 minutes. Yes, it's that fast!
  • 📊 Actionable Advice: Get tailored strategies that spotlight how to leap over hurdles and accelerate towards success.
  • 🚦 Simple Prioritization: Our color-coded system (🟢🟡🔴) makes it super easy to see:
    what’s great
    - what needs a bit of work
    - what you should focus on right now
  • 💼 Expert Guidance: Forget hefty consultant fees.
    Access expert insights quickly and without breaking the bank.

👩‍💻 User-Friendly Interface: Dive into deep insights without any hassle. Everything you need, right where you need it.

Real-Time Updates: Stay up-to-date with the latest on your business anytime.

🎯 Prioritize with Ease: Know exactly what to tackle first for maximum impact.

Hi, I am Chanakya Shah Business Coach

Chartered Accountant, Entrepreneur

Managing Director of my own Outfit 

Holistique Business Consulting PVT.LTD. 

BAAT has been created to facilitate business owners to discover :

  • What’s great in their organisation
  • What’s needs a bit of work
  • What to focus on right now

BAAT has been developed and created in response to the challenges business owners face while engaging multiple consultants for diagnostic studies.

No single consultant comprehensively  asses all areas of business with same depth and expertise

Business Owners have to par-se incur multiple cost for subsequent consultation and advice.

Business owners are overwhelmed by the volume of courses available in market.

Often they land up with following unsuitable and inappropriate course which cost them dear.

To address such myriad of challenges comforting to business owners BAAT provides :

  • A diagnosis assessment across 26 business function areas as applicable to companies of all sizes.
  • It highlights strengths and pin points weaknesses in each area and scores them on merit.
  • The Tool - BAAT aims to : 
    • Clear up confusion
    • Prevent in action
    • Stramline implementation process

Thereby making business improvements more accessible and manageable.

Your activity chart for assessment


Assess team strength, ensure proper budget allocation, and verify positive ROI.


Evaluate sales operations and effectiveness.

Customer Service

Focus on enhancing customer service strategies and practices.

Pricing Strategy

Review profit margins and pricing accuracy; assess the impact of price changes.

Understanding Your Customers

Explore target markets and strategies to improve customer engagement and retention.

Credit Control

Verify the effectiveness of credit control procedures and the speed of receivables conversion.

Product / Service Offering

Evaluate the risks and benefits associated with current product or service choices.


Identify procurement processes and their efficiency.

Human Resources

Assess team experience, work ethics, communication, and performance management.


Examine operational capabilities and administrative effectiveness.

Financial Performance

Monitor and measure financial performance and assess associated risks.

Financial Stability

Evaluate financial stability and access to funding.

Management Accounts

Check the adequacy and timeliness of management accounting reports.

IT Systems

Assess IT system adequacy, data security measures, and backup robustness.


Evaluate the experience and competence of the management team.


Review the quality and adequacy of information generated by MIS.

Business Goals

Identify and assess the effectiveness of business goals implementation.

Your Niche

Identify unique differentiators and competitive advantages.


Identify and analyze specific challenges facing the business.

Growth Potential

Identify and evaluate growth opportunities in terms of quantity and quality.

Risk Management

Identify and mitigate key business risks.

Key Performance Indicators

Highlight and evaluate commonly used KPIs.


Assess the quality and extent of internal communication.

Strategic Business Planning

Review the use of business planning to drive the business forward.

Competition monitoring

Assess knowledge of competition and identify potential threats.

Owner's Mindset

Identify limiting beliefs and barriers in the owner's mindset affecting growth.

Key Benefits of Our Business Growth Assessment Tool

Discover how our tool can revolutionize your business management and growth:

Benefits Description
🌐 Complete Business Evaluation Offers a thorough analysis across 26 critical areas, from sales to supply chain management.
🔎 Quick Identification of Strengths and Areas for Improvement Instantly identifies what’s working well and what isn’t, allowing for better focus and resource distribution.
🚦 Simple, Actionable Guidance The 3-Color Coding System provides easy-to-understand indicators for prioritizing actions.
📈 Targeted Growth Recommendations Gives tailored advice that can significantly enhance profitability, sales, and cash flow.
💸 Cost-effective Expertise Access high-level consulting insights without the high costs, suitable for businesses of all sizes.
⏱️ Automated, Quick Results Saves time with an automated system that delivers reliable and rapid business analysis.
📝 Comprehensive Reporting At the assessment's end, receive a detailed report outlining the current state of the business, strategies for improvement, and growth opportunities.

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